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Automated Disc Duplicator



MiniLoader Starter

1 Drive
DVD/CD Compatible
50 disc capacity
Color: Black
1 Yr Limited Warranty
starts at: $449

The Cube series Compact

1, 2, or 3 Drives Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Compatible
25 / 60 disc capacity
Color: Silver
2 Yr Limited Warranty
starts at: $599


2, 3, 4 or 6 Drives Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Compatible
220/660 disc capacity
500GB or 1TB HDD
Color: Black
2 Yr Limited Warranty
starts at: $1995

Titan Supreme Industrial Strength

4, 6 or 8 Drives Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Compatible
1000 disc capacity
Color: Black
2 Yr Limited Warranty
starts at: $3845

Cronus Copy + Print - All in One

2, 3 or 4 Drives Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Compatible
Standalond with Embedded PC
220/500 disc capacity
1.5TB / 2TB HDD
Inkjet / Thermal Printing
2 Yr Limited Warranty
starts at: $3950

Titan Pro High Volume

4, 6 or 8 Drives Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Compatible
500/1000 disc capacity
Color: Black
2 Yr Limited Warranty
starts at: $2850

  MiniLoader THE CUBE Aero TITAN SUPREME Cronus
Product Image  
Operating type Standalone (No PC required to operate the duplicator) Standalone with
Embedded PC
Writer(s): 1 1, 2 or 3 2, 3, 4 or 6 4, 6 or 8 2 or 4
Max Disc Capacity 50 25 or 60 220 or 660 1000 220 or 500
Built-in Hard Drive     Yes    
Inkjet/Thermal Printing   NO     Yes




High Volume CD-DVD Duplicators

Media studios have high volume production needs that cannot always be met by smaller, stand-alone disc duplicators. Even daisy chain formations have limitations that that create obstacles for users. If your production needs call for the creation of thousands of discs instead of dozens, then you need more advanced duplication technology. Blu-ray duplicators capable of handling 100, 200, 500, or 1000 discs at one time are capable of creating flawless copies in minutes, allowing your studio to meet customer demand and remain competitive in your industry.

When Volume Matters

Many organizations depend on producing a high volume of top quality CDs, DVDs, DLs, and Blu-Ray discs. If your company provides any of the following services then you are familiar with this need:

  • Movie making
  • Music Recording and Mastering
  • Digital Editing
  • Media Distribution
  • Video Editing and Mastering
  • Animation
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Training and Education

The In-House Advantage

A surprising number of organizations find themselves in need of high volume disc duplication. Taking this task to a company specializing in such services can be expensive and may entail a wait while other orders are processed first. A one-time investment in Blu-ray and DVD auto duplicators gives you and your company the freedom to produce media discs on your own schedule at a fraction of what it would cost to pay someone else to do it.

Using an in-house robotic CD printer duplicator allows for greater oversight and a higher degree of quality control. Periodic testing catches errors before the production batch is complete and allows you to make adjustments as necessary. The production timetable can be adjusted on your terms, rather than the schedule of anyone party.

Developing a High Volume Production Line

If your disc production needs go beyond the duplication of media information, take a look at duplicators with built in printing capabilities. Some top automated cd/dvd burners and duplicators have integrated inkjet technology that is specially designed to create beautiful images on each disc. This streamlined production gives an organization an even greater degree of control over the finished product.

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