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RTM onDisc Printing Duplicating Water Proof Automatic
Eco Solvent Printer Yes No Yes No
Inkjet Disc Printer Yes No No No
Thermal Disc Printer Yes No Yes No
Automated Disc Printer Yes No -- Yes
Disc Publishing System Yes Yes -- Yes


High Quality Disc Printers for Every Studio

Developing a comprehensive multimedia workshop requires selecting machines that are best suited to support daily operations. Current and future production runs have to be carefully considered in order to evaluate the many tech options available. A great way to stay ahead of the competition is by purchasing state of the art CD/DVD printers that will make you more efficient. These disc printers deliver the perfect finishing touch to any Blu-Ray, CD, or DVD. Add a CD/DVD printer to any production line to greatly enhance the appearance of every disc your deliver.

Printer Options to Suit Every Production Need

RunTech Media offers several different CD/DVD printers to meet the highly specific needs of each production workshop and studio. These are some of the most common printer types and the features that distinguish them:

  • Thermal disc printers: Thermal transfer printers complete production time in as little as five seconds. Their print resolution is 600 dpi, the equivalent of 600 pixels per inch. These are available in black and white and CMY modes.
  • Eco solvent printers: These systems require no special coating products or additional treatment to finish the printed disc. The Continuous Ink System reduces cost while delivering a printing resolution of up to 5760 dpi.
  • Inkjet printers: Dependable inkjet technology is capable of delivering up to 100 discs per run. Precise image creation is made possible by six separate ink cartridges.
  • Automated printers: With input of up to 100 discs, these disc printers help take the guesswork out of production. These machines are built to last and can deliver some of the best printing quality in their class.


Selecting the Right Printer

Each CD/DVD disc printer is intended to meet the varying needs of different production workshops. A printer will support the operations of a studio and accommodate future growth. Studio workflow and technical needs must be carefully assessed and then measured against the features that each printer makes available.

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