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Countless CD Media Storage Options

There may be no better everyday solution for storing music, digital photos, and large data files than blank CDs and CD-Rs. Efficient, inexpensive, and easy to care for, blank CDs can be easily used to record files from a computer your CD duplicator or your CD/DVD drive. These recordable CDs are also compatible with almost all CD players, DVD/CD combos, computer drives, and gaming consoles.

Here at RunTechMedia, we offer a wide selection of blank CDs, CD minis, and CD-Rs in packs of 50 to 100, offering you vast amounts of CD media storage space. Our blank CD media provides you a safe, efficient way to save your music and audio files, digital picture libraries, and important professional and personal documents, all to a single convenient location.

Understanding Product Specifications

Understanding the different product specifications of our blank CD media is important if you want to know which of your applications are ideally-suited to this storage medium.

  • Format: The "R" in CD-R stands for "recordable," meaning that you can record or burn a file to the CD, but you can’t change it once it has been recorded. However, you can revisit and read that data over and over, as many times as you want.
  • Speed: The speed listed indicates how quickly data can be written onto the disk. The standard writing rate is 150 kB/s. The number listed under speed is the times factor of the standard writing rate that the disk supports. For example, if the speed listed is 52x, that indicates that particular disk can support a data writing speed of 52 x 150 kB/s, which factors out to 7.8 MB/s. Put in perspective, that means that it would typically only take about 1.5 minutes of uninterrupted recording to fill a standard 700 MB disk to its storage capacity.
  • Capacity: The capacity refers to the amount of data the disk can store. A standard 700 MB disk can typically store up to 80 minutes of CD-quality music or hundreds of digital photos and other media files.

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See for yourself how CDs can provide your business or home with easy to manage storage solutions. For more information about blank CDs and CD-Rs, duplication machines, or other products we offer, give us a call at (866) 656-8999 or contact our staff via our website. Order today!