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Daisy Chain Duplicator

SharkCopier Daisy Chain DVD CD Duplicator - HDD to 100

- Industry Leading 256MB Buffer Memory

P/N: Shark-S10T-DC-BK
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$12,500.00   $9,990.00

SharkCopier Daisy Chain DVD CD Duplicator - HDD to 100

- Industry Leading 256MB Buffer Memory

P/N: Shark-S10T-DC-BK
Icon in stock In Stock
Icon 2 yr warranty 2 Years Limited
Icon gift Free DVD Blank Media
Icon truck Free Shipping
$12,500.00   $9,990.00

The SharkCopier DC (daisy chain capable duplicator) offers all the incredible capabilities and quality of the standard SharkCopier series with the added capability to connect multiple towers together that are all operated by a single source. Even though each tower can be operated independently, when they are connected together in a daisy chain configuration using a special serial cable, the SharkCopier DC can link over 60,000 towers together operated by a single source on the master tower. All units whether used on their own or connected are completely standalone and provide exact digital copies of CD and DVD Discs.

  • Complete Standalone Operation:
  • Daisy Chain Capable:
  • Independent Towers:
  • Improved Load and Copy Supported:
  • New Continuous Hard Drive Partitioning:
  • Industry leading 256MB buffer memory:
  • New Supports all common CD Formats with Additional Special format including CD-TEXT, ISRC, Over-Burned CD.
  • Improved Drive firmware upgradeability:
  • Improved Multi-Language capability:
  • Auto DVD Format Conversion:
  • BD Safe Copy* :
  • AutoCopy feature:
  • Account management (password protection):
  • Auto-Counter Technology:
  • Hard Drive Partition/Image Name Editing:
  • User friendly interface with 'easy-to-read' LCD display:
  • Aluminum Case used to provide a highly functional and attractive exterior:
  • Fast Key feature:
  • Power on Self diagnostics:
  • Disc Info feature:
  • Selectable Disc burning speeds:
  • Supports both Disk-at-Once and Track-at-Once modes
  • Creates mix compilation audio CD:
  • Automatic format recognition:
  • Upgradeable for future drive technology:
  • Future functions upgradeable through firmware:
  • Continuous copying without waiting for cool down:

*This feature only applies to Blu-ray models when making Blu-ray copies. Additionally, the added mechanism will reduce the overall duplication speed.

Model: SharkCopier™ Daisy Chain SATA DVD/CD Tower Duplicator
Operating Type: Stand-alone
Targets: 100
Daisy Chain Compatible: Yes
Buffer Memory: 256MB
Account Management: 32 users (Standard License) or 64 users (Premium License)
Partition Naming: Up to 14 Characters Per Partition
Internal Interface: SATA
Auto Counter: Yes
Language Support: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and more
(Chinese and Arabic can be ordered on request)
Display: 20 x 2 Green LCD
Hard Drive Per Tower: 320 GB
Firmware Upgradeable: Yes
Burn Proof Support: Yes
Physical Size: Width 7.5" x Depth 21" x Height 22"
Weight 38 lbs
Power Supply: Input: 90 ~ 240V AC
Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 80%
Temperature Extremes: 40oC (104oF) / 5oC (41oF)
Regulation: FCC, CE, RoHS
Manufacture: Vinpower Digital Throughput Capacity Per Hour:
Tower 1 2 3 4 5 10 50 100 x
Target 10 20 30 40 50 100 500 1000 10*x
350 MB CD
*at 48x duplication speed
240 480 720 960 1200 2400 12000 24000 240*x
2.5 GB DVD
*at 16x duplication speed
120 240 360 480 600 1200 6000 12000 120*x
12.5 GB Blu-Ray
*at 4x duplication speed
50 100 150 200 250 500 2500 5000 50*x

*x represents the number of towers

Important Notice
    • The duplicator will not copy any copy protected discs.

  • The actual maximum writing speed may vary. Blank media writing speed is determined by the drives, regardless of what the media manufacturer certifies the blank media writing speed at.

Daisy Chain Operation:
For maximum output at one time, the SharkCopier DC Daisy Chain capable duplicator can connect numerous Hard Drive to 10 target tower duplicators together controlled by a single source. Each tower can operate as a fully functional standalone unit or be linked together where the first tower will send the data to be copied to each tower connected in the chain. It’s simple to use and more efficient than multiple non-daisy chain systems. The unit functions as shown in the example below:


Added Shipping Protection:
All duplicators are double packed as shown below with twice as much thick packing foam and cardboard.

A) Strong cardboard outer box to protect the interior box with the duplicator.
B) Interior box for the duplicator which is stored inside protective foam and boxed in sturdy cardboard.
C) Two separate interior supports for the inside box which are made of thick sturdy cardboard and 5 large dense foam supports.

More packing information..


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