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About General Duplication Questions
  1. How do I pick a good Duplicator?
  2. If a duplicator uses the same number and brand of drives, why would I spend more for one brand of duplicator over another?
  3. Will two different brands of duplicator perform the same if they are using the same brand and model of drives?
  4. Are the duplicators made by NEC/Pioneer/Panasonic/Plextor/Sony/TEAC?
  5. Are you buying a true 18x DVD duplicator?
  6. Can I burn different titles at the same time by using your duplicator?
  7. Can I duplicate business card size CD-R's or mini CD-R's with your duplicator?
  8. Can I set my duplicator to copy at the different speeds?
  9. Can my DVD duplicator copy CDs?
  10. Can my duplicator make copies from masters created on an apple computer? / MAC?
  11. Can the DVD Duplicator also duplicate CD+G discs?
  12. Can the duplicators duplicate -R only (or +R only)?
  13. How come I can't duplicate my masters created by my DVD Video Recorder, such as the Panasonic DMR Series?
  14. How come I can't play my duplicated recorded DVD (DVD-R or DVD+R) video from the DVD duplicator on my DVD player?
  15. How could I tell if the duplicated copies are accurate or if they have problems?
  16. If I buy a multi-target duplicator, can I choose to burn on less than the maximum targets available?
  17. Is my DVD duplicator standalone?
  18. How does the SharkCopier extend the lifespan of the drives/burners?
  19. Can the DVD duplicators duplicate a DVD that is bigger than 4.7 GB?
  20. What is the difference between using the burner on a computer and a CD/DVD duplicator?
  21. The music CD I copied has crack sounds, why?
  22. I have very high fail rates on my duplication, what can I do to prevent it?
  23. What is the Load and Copy Feature?
  24. How does the Improved Load and Copy feature differ from the previous version?
About Blu-Ray / HD DVD Duplicator Questions
  1. What is Blu-ray or HD DVD?
  2. What is the difference between Blu-ray and HD DVD?
  3. Can I copy data from a Blu-ray master disc on to HD DVD blank discs or vice versa?
  4. Can my Blu-ray or HD DVD capable duplicator copy CD's and DVD's as well?
  5. What is the benefit of using a Blu-ray or HD DVD duplicator?
  6. Can I copy Playstation 3 games or Blu-ray/HD DVD movies I buy from the store with the duplicator?
About LightScribe Duplicator Questions
  1. What is LightScribe?
  2. What is the benefit of LightScribe capable standalone SharkCopier LS duplicator?
  3. How does the LightScribe duplicator work?
  4. What are the advantages of LightScribe labeling compared to Inkjet printing?
  5. What are the advantages of LightScribe labeling compared to mono-color thermal printer?
  6. What are the advantages of LightScribe labeling compared to full color thermal printer?
  7. What is the difference between the SharkCopier LS (LightScribe capable) DVD duplicator and the standard SharkCopier series DVD duplicator?
  8. Can I make copies of an existing labeled LightScribe disc by just inserting the disc into the reader with the labeled side down?
About SharkNet Questions
  1. What is the SharkNet Series Duplicators?
  2. What is the benefit of the SharkNet Series Duplicator?
  3. What is the difference between the SharkNet Series Duplicator and the SharkCopier Series Duplicator?
  4. Do I have to connect the SharkNet Series Duplicator to a network?
  5. Can I use SharkNet Series Duplicator as standalone?
  6. How many SharkNet Series Duplicators I can connect to a network at once?
  7. Can I give authorization on who can access the SharkNet Series Duplicator?
  8. What is the difference between the CD/DVD, LightScribe CD/DVD, and Blu-ray Disc SharkNet Series?
About Xerox Duplicator Questions
  1. What is the benefit of the Xerox duplicator?
  2. What is the "Drag and Drop" feature?
  3. I have a Mac computer, can I use the Xerox duplicator's "Drag & Drop" function?
  4. I do not have a computer, can I still use the Xerox Duplicator?
  5. Can I use the Xerox Duplicator as an external hard drive?
  6. Can I copy retail movies or rental movies with the Xerox Duplicator?
  7. Will the Xerox Duplicator copy Blu-ray discs?
About Daisy Chain Duplicator Questions
  1. What is the Daisy Chain Duplicator?
  2. How does the Daisy Chain Duplicator Work?
  3. Can I add more duplicator(s) in the future?
  4. Can I use Daisy Chain Duplicator as standalone individual towers?
  5. Can Daisy Chain Duplicator connect to a computer?
  6. Why is there a hard drive in each Daisy Chain tower?
About Automated Duplicator Questions
  1. Why do I need an Autoloader?
  2. Why doesn’t the Autoloader come with a printer attached?
  3. Why should I purchase a standalone autoloader instead of one controlled by a PC?
  4. Does the autoloader require any special brand or type of blank media to operate?
  5. Can the Titan series autoloader run overnight?
  6. What if I have an autoloader and numerous titles to duplicate instead of just one?
  7. Why does the disc picking arm look different then other autoloaders?
  8. Do I need a TITAN lite, TITAN PRO or a TITAN Supreme?
  9. Can the TITAN Supreme/ TITAN PRO/ TITAN lite duplicate multiple masters without needing to reload?
  10. Does the TITAN Supreme/ TITAN PRO/ TITAN lite recognize when a disc fails to duplicate like the manual tower?
  11. Does the TITAN Supreme/ TITAN PRO/ TITAN lite series need to connect to a computer?
  12. How many can the TITAN Supreme/ TITAN PRO/ TITAN lite duplicate per hour?
  13. Should I buy an Automated or manual Tower Duplicator?
  14. What is the difference between the TITAN Supreme and the TITAN PRO?
About CD+G Questions
  1. Why doesn't the Karaoke Mix Pro (CD+G duplicator) have a reader drive?
  2. What qualities should I look for to find the best CD+G duplicator?
About Warranty Questions
  1. Does the duplicator have a warranty, and who provides the service?
About Upgrade Questions
  1. Can I upgrade my duplicator?
  2. If I buy a duplicator now, can I add more drives/burners later on in the future?
  3. I buy the 16x duplicator now, can it be upgrade to 18x later?
  4. If I buy a duplicator now, can I install the hard drive by myself later on?
About Packing Questions
  1. Does the way the duplicator is packed for shipping make a difference?
About Master Disc & Copy Protection Questions
  1. Can I copy a CD or VCD to a DVD using your duplicator?
  2. Can my DVD duplicator, duplicate Authoring DVD's?
  3. Can the duplicator make copies of copy protected material?
  4. Will my DVD duplicator duplicates PAL format?
  5. Will the duplicated disc differ from the original and will the “chapters” be copied from the master?
  6. What is copy protection and what does it apply to?
About Duplication Time Questions
  1. Will a multi-drive duplicator takes longer to make duplications than a 1 to 1 duplicator?
  2. Will the duplication speed affect the quality of the duplicated discs?
About Hard Drive Questions
  1. Why would I need a hard drive installed in Duplicator?
  2. Can I select more than one partition from the duplicator hard drive and combine them on to one DVD?
  3. Can I delete items in the hard drive when I no longer need them?
  4. Does the size of the hard drive matter?
  5. How do the partitions on the hard drive work and what does Dynamic Partitions mean?
About Buffer Memory Questions
  1. What does the buffer memory do for the duplicator?
  2. Will the buffer memory improve the quality and reliability of a duplicated disc?
  3. What is the idea buffer memory size for a duplicator?
About Case Questions
  1. Is an aluminum case better than a steel case for a duplicator?
About Media Duplication Questions
  1. What affect do blank media have on the quality of the copy from the duplicator?
  2. If you use the same blank media, will you get the same results no matter which duplicator you use?
  3. Do I need to use specific CD/DVD media with a specific duplicator?
  4. If I buy an 18x DVD duplicator, can I use 1x, 4x, 8x, or 16x media to copy at 18x?
  5. What affect do blank media have on the quality of the copy from the duplicator?
  6. If you use the same blank media, will you get the same results no matter which duplicator you use?
About USB/Firewire Questions
  1. Can I connect the duplicator to a computer network & generate duplications from a computer on the network?
  2. Can I hook up my camcorder/digital camera with the duplicator by USB / Firewire?
  3. Can I make duplications while I am using external USB/Firewire devices?
  4. Can I save files from a computer hard drive to the duplicator hard drive through USB or Firewire?
  5. What are USB and Firewire connections?
  6. What if my Firewire/USB connection doesn't work with my PC/Mac?
  7. What is the purpose of having USB or Firewire connection(s) installed on my duplicator?
  8. Why do some duplicators come with USB & Firewire connections and others don't?
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