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Optical Quantum 6X 50GB Logo Top BD-R DL Blu-Ray Blank Media
- Capacity:50GB
- Surface:Logo
- Speed: 6x
- Quantity: 10pk, 25pk, 50pk, 300pk
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10pk @ $2.40 each (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-10)
Free Standard Shipping
Reg: $75 Sale: $23.95
25pk @ $2.00 each (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-25)
Free Standard Shipping
Reg: $175 Sale: $49.95
50pk @ $2.00 each (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-50)
Free Standard Shipping
Reg: $350 Sale: $99.95
300pk @ $2.40 each (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-50)
Free Standard Shipping
Reg: $2,100 Sale: $720

The Optical Quantum Blu-ray Disc series is on the cutting edge of technology using a blue-violet laser to record either high-definition (HD) video or high capacity gigabyte data files. Using Optical Quantum's exclusive FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) and sophisticated production know-how brings next generation products like recordable Blu-ray discs to market in the shortest time frame with reasonable pricing. Viewers will especially enjoy High-Definition video programming using the Optical Quantum BD-R series.
Brand: Optical Quantum Optical Quantum Optical Quantum
Type: BD-R Double Layer BD-R Double Layer BD-R Double Layer
Capacity: 50GB 50GB 50GB
Speed: 1x- 6x 1x- 6x 1x- 6x
Top Surface: Logo Logo Logo
Pieces per pack: 10 25 50
Weight: 8 oz 1 lb 2 lb
Packaging: Cake Box Cake Box Cake Box
Compatibility List

Drive Description Max Drive Write Speed Max Drive Support Speed
Asus BW-12B1ST 1.02 12x 6x
Asus BW-16D1HT 3.00 16x 6x
LG BH10LS30 1.02-A0 10x 8x
LG BH10LS38 1.03-A0 10x 8x
LG BH10NS30 1.02-A0 10x 8x
LG BH12LS30 1.01-C0 12x 8x
LG BH12LS35 1.03-D0 12x 8x
LG BH12LS35 1.03-D0 12x 8x
LG BH12LS38 1.03-D0 12x 8x
LG BH12LS38 1.03-D0 12x 8x
LG BH12NS30 1.02-C0 12x 8x
LG BH12NS35 1.01 12x 8x
LG BH12NS38 1.03-D0 12x 8x
LG BH14NS40 1.01-A1 14x 8x
LG BH14NS40 (Gen2) 1.00 14x 8x
LG BH14NS48 1.01-A0 14x 8x
LG BH14NS58 1.00 14x 8x
LG BH16NS40 1.01-A1 16x 8x
LG BH16NS48 1.01-A1 16x 8x
LG BH16NS50 1.00 16x 8x
LG BH16NS55 1.00 16x 8x
LG BH16NS58 1.00 16x 8x
LG GGW-H20L YL07 6x 4x
LG GGW-H20N XL07 6x 4x
LG WH10LS30 1.02-A0 10x 8x
LG WH12LS30 1.02-C0 12x 8x
LG WH12LS38 1.03-D0 12x 8x
LG WH12LS39 1.03-D0 12x 8x
LG WH14NS40 1.01-A1 14x 8x
LG WH14NS40 (Gen2) 1.00 14x 8x
LG WH16NS40 1.00 16x 8x
LG WH16NS48 1.00 16x 8x
LG WH16NS48(D) 1.D1 16x 8x
LITEON IHBS112 (Gen1) CL0K 12x 6x
LITEON IHBS112 (Gen2) PL06 12x 6x
LITEON IHBS212 (Gen1) 5L09 12x 6x
LITEON IHBS212 (Gen2) HL05 12x 6x
LITEON IHBS312 PL16 12x 6x
Panasonic SW-5583C 1.00 4x 4x
Panasonic SW-5584 1.02 8x 6x
Pioneer BDR203 1.13 8x 6x
Pioneer BDR205 1.12 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR206 1.06 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR206D 1.06/1.56 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR206M 1.04 6x 8x
Pioneer BDR207D 1.35 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR207M 1.35 12x 8x
Pioneer BDR208D 1.40 15x 8x
Pioneer BDR208M 1.40 15x 8x
Pioneer BDR209D 1.20 16x 8x
Pioneer BDR209M 1.20 16x 8x
Plextor PX-LB950SA (Gen1) 1.06 12x 6x
Plextor PX-LB950SA (Gen2) 1.04 12x 6x
Sony BWU-200S 1.0b 4x 4x
Sony BWU-300S 1.0c 8x 6x
Sony Optiarc BD-5300S 1.06 12 6

NOTE: This media has been tested on the burners listed on the above compatibility list. We do not guarantee any issue with any burner other than listed above. As a result, no return/exchange is accept if your burner is not listed above.
Review Summary
Overall Rating:
DCal2722 from Seattle, WA 10/21/2012 6:07:00 PM
    Damn Good Product
Ownership: 1 month - 1 year Tech Level: 4 - Somewhat high understanding
Pros: Perfectly Reliable, Can burn a 6x, Massive capacity for the largest Production BluRay back-ups
Cons: none
Other Thoughts: Of 12 10 disc packs I have not had a single failure or "coaster". Although I have used both an LG WH10LS30 and an LG WH12LS38, which have allowed burning at 6x, I have been burning my movie "back-ups" at 2x, I have realized a superior duplication of the original, this has eliminated the occaissional "stutter" or "momentary freeze" that maximum speed burns will sometimes produce, which are still quite "watchable" but just not perfect which is not the fault of the disc but rather the flow of data or cache. This extra time is well worth the outcome as these reproductions are flawless, and my "Movie Collection" in my Home Theater is important to me.
Spots from Salisbury, Maryland 11/10/2011 6:55:00 AM
    Optical Quantum 6X 50GB BD-R DL Blu-Ray Blank Disc Logo Top
Ownership: 1 month - 1 year Tech Level: 4 - Somewhat high understanding
Pros: No "coaster" after 3 10 packs. All of the discs performed perfectly for me. Record at a speed of at least 6x with no problem.
Cons: Don't know of any.
Other Thoughts: Impossible to beat pricing. A practical solution for high capacity Blu-Ray DL recording.
Spots196 from Salisbury, Maryland 5/21/2011 9:14:00 AM
    Blu-Ray DL discs
Ownership: 1 month - 1 year Tech Level: 4 - Somewhat high understanding
Pros: No coasters. Have used 8 disks with no errors. Seem to work great at a fantastic price.
Cons: None
Other Thoughts: Some of the prices for Blu-Ray DL's on the web are outrageous. Even worse in stores. This is a great alternative.
Credit Card Runtechmedia, Inc., Video Tape Duplication Service, Alhambra, CA Bizrate PriceGrabber GeoTrust